From found to yours

How It Works

Spot that special item

All products come directly from our network of resellers and professional partners around the world. They have never been worn and are delivered to you in their original box with all the accessories.

Seller Ships The Item

Once the transaction is confirmed, our worldwide sellers and consignors ship their items to us and we take care of the rest.

Receiving The Item At Our Locations

Receiving operation is not simply a matter of purchasing inventory and having it delivered to our locations; rather, it involves several key steps that must be done right to ensure the right items and quantity are being delivered and stored correctly.

Authentication Process

Before reaching your hands, our products are checked by our experts who ensure their authenticity.

Going through a vigorous checking process, our authenticators make sure that the item is matching with the listing title, description, and images before even performing a physical inspection.

We employ a variety of methods to ensure authenticity including but not limited to verifying the box, sizing labels, soles, stitching, logos, heel tabs, laces and more.

 If you’re heading into one of our stores or shopping online, you can shop with confidence.

It’s Yours

It’s sent and authenticated.

If you have any questions regarding the authentication process, your purchase or any other information, you can contact us at