September 21, 2022

Air Jordan 1 - What Started the Sneaker Culture

Since Michael Jordan’s game-winning shot in ’85 the Air Jordan 1 has been the face of the sneaker game. Succeeding the original Chicago colorway, many other colorways have also added glory to the rich history of sneakers. Among these are colorways featuring versatile grey, with its many shades. One of the recent best-selling grey colorways is the Hyper Royal Smoke Grey. Let’s look at its aesthetics and build quality.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High “Hyper Royal”

The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Hyper Royal was designed by Peter Moore and was launched in April 2021. This kick is sold out but you can Grab a pair from Mad Kicks. This Kicks is sure to elevate your style.

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The color scheme of any footwear is a vital part of its design philosophy. Here we will teach you a bit about the art that is the Hyper Royal Smoke Grey Kick from Nike.

The Colorway Mix

Details like color choice tell a lot about a person. Let’s separately look at what the colors used in this colorway mean.

Light Smoke Grey

The grey color is associated with dignity and honor. This sneaker features a grey-colored collar and a matching Swoosh.

Hyper Royal

This colorway features a washed-out version of the hyper royal on the ankle flap, heel, eyestay and toes. The royal blue color symbolizes royalty, tranquility and empathy. Who wouldn’t want these qualities, right?


The white upper base and midsole represent purity, cleanliness and peacefulness. So you’ll have to take care of the shoe’s cleanliness (pun intended).


The Hyper royal Nike Tag on the tongue screams out royalty. A light grey Swoosh sign on the side profile enhances the elegance of this model. A white wings logo on the ankle flap reminds us of the legacy of the Air Jordan 1.

Build Quality

Aesthetics are important but only when they go hand in hand with quality. Let’s dissect the Nike Hyper Royal to see what you are getting for your money.

The Upper

The upper is made of suede which makes it tougher compared to shoes made from cloth fabrics. But it’s their softness and flexibility for which suede shoes are famous.

The Sole

The rubber sole of this kick gives you the grip you need in your life. Pliability makes them easier on the feet, giving you a comfortable ride. Rubber soles are reliable for traction in warm and cold conditions. When exposed to oily or wet surfaces, these babies are your best friends.

Nike Air Technology

Nike’s revolutionary Air technology comprises pressurized air inside a tough and flexible bag. This technology provides more flexibility and spring without compromising the shoe’s structure. The Air Sole Units are known for maintaining their form with elasticity and lower impact while keeping the shoe snug and lightweight.

About the designer - Peter Moore

One of the best designers from Nike’s expert team is Peter Moore. He has been the captain of Nike’s design ship since the debut Air Jordan 1 that Jordan wore in ’85. Being a top designer for one of the best-seller brands in the world means you have some of the best designs under your belt and that is true for Moore. He is credited as the designer of the Nike Dunk and Nike Air silhouettes. Truly, the Da Vinci of the sneaker world.

Final Verdict

The Hyper Royal Light Smoke Grey is worth it with all the royalty, style, quality and value it brings. A must-have for sneakerheads and collectors alike.

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