July 16, 2022

The summer season has always been an inspiration to all kinds of artists and designers. Its vibrant colors, exotic aesthetics, and beautiful scenery has brought to us some of the best pieces of footwear on the market. So, if you want to look fresh and keep up with the aesthetics this summer, we got just the solution for you! Below, you can find some of the best pairs of sneakers that are all the rage this summer!


This Nike x Off-White collaboration was launched in 2020. The designer, Virgil Abloh, created this model by merging the Nike Pegasus line elements with the Nike Dunk to honor and levitate Nike tech innovation legacy. The design also gives a bow of respect to the history of experimentation in skateboarding. But enough about history. This pair of sneakers is bold, to say the least. And if you want to make a statement with your outfit, then you'll definitely love them. Or, if you want to impress the cool kids in your class, then this pair is a shoe-in (get it, pretty clever, huh).


The Nike Dunk Low Rose Whisper can be an excellent addition to your summer collection. The combination of the OG dunk lows and a fresher, softer palette can bring the perfect summer touch to your outfit while still giving it a subtle look. This pair of sneakers is ideal for summer days and look good with casual and sporty outfits! Also, they might just help you spark up some conversation with other
like-minded sneakerheads who will, no doubt, ask you all about them when they see you. And, let's be honest, we all need some type of conversation starter sometimes, even if it's shoes.


Want to have the perfect summer holiday at your feet? Then take a look at the Nike Dunk Low Sun Club model! Colors inspired by the ocean, a bamboo-styled dubrae on the laces, and fun graphics will follow you everywhere you go (literally) and allow you to have the perfect summer outfit every day! And if that wasn't enough, the sneakers come with airy textiles and a low-cut collar which will let you (and your feet) breathe during the summer heat and feel comfortable all day, every day.


Whether you're counting the days to your holiday retreat or are already breathing in the sea while taking a stroll during the sunset, you can bring a fresh and bright color with you with the Nike Dunk Low Laser Orange! The combination of the classic Nike Dunk Low model and bright orange colors is perfect for the summer. This is the perfect pair for those who want to be bold with their style this summer but still want to keep the boldness at a more sophisticated, calmer level. They are perfect for conveying a statement that says,Hey, I can be bold, but I can also be serious at the same time!


And we're back with th Off-Whites; they just don't miss! This particular model was taken from the Dream Summer collection made by no other than Virgil Abloh! The combination of white leather laid on a soft grey canvas and Off-White signature plastic zip tie in purple makes this pair a unique and comfortable summer choice for all sneakerheads out there. Also, we can't forget about the printed Helvetica text, which has become another signature trademark of the popular Off-White brand we know and love. So, let's go over the checklist. Soft, laid-back summer tones that go well with 100s of colors?
Check. A splash of pizzaz that you can see from a mile away? Also, check. Not to oversell it, but this pair of sneakers truly has it all!


To quote Michael Jackson, Now, I believe in miracles, and a miracle has happened tonight because we finally found the perfect pair of all-white sneakers that won't bore your socks off! The Nike Dunk Low
Venice model was released back in February of this year and is a pair for all seasons! It has soft and subtle tones of white and gray spread out on the timeless Nike Dunk Low model and matches all kinds of summer outfits. You can combine this pair with all kinds of colors, including bright, warm, and soft, and prove to the world that you have finally found the perfect white sneakers that look like they were passed down to you by your grandmother.


There's nothing like a good old-fashioned blast from the past to get you through the summer season in style. The Nike Dunk Low Retro Black White sneakers are a timeless classic and look good with virtually everything! Ever since its release in January 2021, this model has never ceased to impress – even a year and a half later. This pair of sneakers combines the classic black and white look with the forever trendy Nike Dunk Low model and is suitable for every occasion! Want to rock the court in style? Skate with your friends and turn a few heads while you're at it? Go out and about in fashionable comfort? You can do it all with the never-failing Nike Dunk Low Retro Black Whites!


The first thing that comes to mind when I see this pair of sneakers is always The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, for some reason. Like the show, the sneakers are the perfect combination of timeless style and a breath of fresh air (get it, cause Bel-Air…) and look great no matter what. The soft blue cover laid on top of the white leather canvas gives this model a fresh look that is excellent for the summer. The blue and white combination makes you feel like you're in touch with the sea and looks fabulous with a pair of bright denim jeans. The Nike Dunk Low University Blues can help you amp up your everyday summer style and enjoy the summer bliss thanks to its comfortable and light design!