Nike Dunks Low Panda...This Is the Next Pair for You!

The Nike Dunk Low has been such a popular favorite for kicks fans everywhere that sometimes it's hard for us to imagine that this brand is going to come out with something that we haven't already seen.

They've continued to create another pair of Nike Dunk sneakers that meet every request imaginable!

What else can the designers of the Nike Dunk Low come up with next, after all of the creative coolness they have already managed to give us?

Well - lucky for us - Nike did it again and created for us yet another amazing kick...

Nike Dunk Low Panda

The Nike Dunk Low Black White Panda!

What is it about this pair of sneakers that has everyone clamoring to get their hands on this product?

Let's Look at Some of the Details That Make the Nike Dunk Low Black White Such a Favorite

First off, this pair of sneakers continues to sport the Nike swoosh branding in a way that makes it clear to any kick collector that what they are buying is a Nike Dunk original.

Set on the classic Nike Dunk white leather base, the Nike Dunk Low Black White incorporates the beautiful black overlay in a way that gives off the message that these Panda sneakers could be worn to a business meeting or a basketball game.

This is the type of shoes that men and women everywhere will feel comfortable wearing, no matter what the occasion calls for.

If you are ready to step up your sneaker game, it's time to consider investing in a pair of these Panda Nike Dunks!

Nike Dunk Low Panda

Want to Check Out These Nike Panda Dunks?

Because of their popularity, getting a hold of the Nike Panda Dunks isn't always easy.

But here at Mad Kicks, we strive to have all the latest styles - of all the latest sneakers and streetwear - available to our customers as quickly as possible.

Here is the Nike Panda Dunks


When you visit the Mad Kicks web page, you will see tons of the latest kick releases - as well as some tried-and-true favorites that aren't always easy to get on another site.

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Our processing time is fast, and almost any product you order from us will ship to you within 24 to 48 hours after you place your order.

And - if you have a question or a problem with any part of ordering or processing from our website - we will do everything we can to ensure that your experience with Mad Kicks is a positive one.

Order the  Nike Dunk Low "Reverse Panda" Here


Nike Dunk Low "Reverse Panda"

So come check out our page and see how we choose to do business differently than everyone else...

Here at Mad Kicks!

Whether you are ordering a pair of the Nike Dunk Pandas, or any other sneaker or streetwear we offer, you are going to love everything we have to offer for the kick collector inside all of us!

December 03, 2022
Another Iconic Look for Nike! The Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Allstar 2021

One of the best things about being a kicks collector is the hundreds of options, styles, and colors to choose from.

But every once in a while, a pair of sneakers comes along that is so classy and cool that it's hard to want to reach for anything else.

Case in point...

Check out Nike's Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Allstar!

It's going to be hard to find an Air Jordan 1 Mid that's any better than this one.

What's So Cool About the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE All Star?

At first, it's a bit hard to put your finger on what it is that makes this pair of sneakers stand out from the rest.

Sure, the design follows all the fan favorites that the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid continues to offer: quality materials on the shoe's upper features, a soft leather base that makes for a durable and also attractive design, and the trademark swoosh, toe, and heel that we all have come to associate with Nike and the Air Jordan 1 brand.

Buy the  Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Allstar 2021



But there are some things that really set the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE All Star apart from the Air Jordan 1 Mid collection.

First, though the classic mix of black and white might feel like it's already been done enough, with this Air Jordan 1 Mid, Nike has given us a bit of a twist.

The shoe's upper features a leather base which is overlaid by unique black patent leather overlays...something we rarely get to see in a new release of the Air Jordan 1 Mid sneakers.

There is also a super interesting faux carbon-fiber print emerging on the trademark Swoosh, heel, and collar which - again - gives this pair of sneakers a look that sets it apart from any other black and white type shoe that Nike has released before.

Underneath the leather base of the shoe, you'll find the two-tone tooling with a white Air midsole for excellent cushioning and a black concentric rubber outsole for more than adequate traction.

Anyone who is looking for a subtle, yet sophisticated-looking Air Jordan 1 Mid is going to need to check out the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE.

This is a sneaker that will be talked about for years to come!

Is It Hard to Buy the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE?

Though the first release date of the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE was back in March of 2021, this pair of sneakers are still available, depending on where you look.

Not every seller has a large quantity of this kick, since it has been so popular in the past.

Here at Mad Kicks, we take great pride in being able to bring our customers a variety of Air Jordan 1 sneakers, as well as plenty of other brands too!

From the best seller classics like the Air Jordan 1 Retro High "University Blue" to sneakers that are just starting to make their mark, like the Wmns Nike Dunk Low “Safari Mix” our online store can give you hundreds of selection results to choose from.

We also have a full page of new releases, as well as items that are being sold at a steep discount.

Here is the Air Jordan 1 Retro High "University Blue"


Once you set up an account with our Dubai-centered site, purchasing a pair of sneakers from us is easy, no matter where we need to ship them to.

So - whether you're looking to purchase a pair of Air Jordan 1 Mid SE All Star sneakers, or something else entirely...let Mad Kicks be your next online retailer for all your sneaker and streetwear needs.

December 02, 2022
Looking for Something Different? Check Out the Air Jordan 1 Mid Linen

For those of us who are big fans of everything related to cool kicks, there is one that we just can't seem to get enough of.

Since 1985, the Air Jordan 1 has been blazing past us on basketball courts while also bringing fun and fashion to college campuses, street sidewalks, and even in nightclubs and restaurants worldwide.

What is it about the Air Jordan 1 that makes it a shoe that we just can't seem to quit?

The Air Jordan 1 That Started it All

It was more than thirty years ago that Michael Jordan first walked onto the Chicago Bulls basketball court in the first ever Air Jordan 1 that was designed with only him in mind.

The iconic colorway of the Bull's red, black and white trademark team colors earned Jordan a lot of controversy that year.

Here is the first ever Air Jordan 1


Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost AND Found


It's been rumored that every time he stepped onto the court, he was fined $5,000 for wearing the non-NBA-sanctioned sneakers.

But little did he, Nike, or the rest of the world know at that moment what was going to come of this famed sneaker eventually!

How Did the Air Jordan 1 Mid Get Its Start?

Though the Air Jordan 1 High was the first sneaker that Nike designed in this line of basketball shoes, it soon became clear that people were beginning to beg for more.

Though the Air Jordan 1 High is a great basketball shoe, thanks to its stability and creative details that work well for a basketball player's lateral movement, it wasn't the most comfortable shoe for others to wear.

Not too long after the release of the Air Jordan 1 High came the release of two other wildly popular Air Jordan 1 sneakers - the Air Jordan 1 Mid and the Air Jordan 1 Low.

There have been some Air Jordan 1 Low and Air Jordan 1 Mid sneakers that not only sell super quickly but also earned themselves a spot in the list of favorite sneakers for years to come.

Air Jordan 1 Mid Linen

The Air Jordan 1 Mid Linen - Yet Another Air Jordan 1 That is Here to Stay

The Air Jordan 1 Mid Linen was first released in November of 2021 and right away was a collector's favorite.

Why? Well...the shoe is clearly cool.

Sporting a unique color overlay, this pair of sneakers took a classic design and made it unique - a high bar for a shoe like the Air Jordan 1 Mid that seems to constantly come out looking fresh and different.

Here is the Air Jordan Mid Linen



With the Air Jordan 1 Mid Linen, the classic Air Jordan 1 leather base sticks with the iconic white that we all have come to know and love.

But where Nike took this Air Jordan 1, Mid Linen, up a notch is that the designers added an interesting contrast with the College Grey overlays and trademark swooshes that identify this sneaker as the Nike Air Jordan 1.

Nike has confirmed its commitment to sticking close to the traditional style of the Air Jordan 1 Mid with the College Grey overlays being included in the original contrasting heel and the original box toe that we all associate with the Air Jordan 1 Mid branding.

Though these sneakers are just as durable and high-quality as any other Air Jordan 1 that Nike has manufactured, there is something about the white leather and College Grey overlays that gives it a slightly more sophisticated look.

Where Can I Shop for All the Latest Air Jordan 1 Mid Sneakers?

Here at Mad Kicks, we want to be your one-stop shop for all kicks that you are looking to add to your collection.

Whether it's the Air Jordan 1 Mid Linen or a different brand of shoe altogether, we have a wide selection of sneakers for you to choose from.

Our site is proud to offer a variety of brands and models, in sizes for everyone in your family.

Check out the Air Jordan 1 Mid "Light Smoke Grey Anthracite"


Air Jordan 1 Mid "Light Smoke Grey Anthracite"

Though our online site is based in Dubai, shipping is easy when you order from us.

And - not only can we ship to just about anywhere in the world and our shipping is fast and secure.

If you're in the market for a cool pair of kicks this fall, reach out to one of our sales people or contact us through our online store today.

We are excited to see what you decide to select next!

December 02, 2022
Looking for That Perfect Present? Consider the Nike Dunk Low Pandas!

It's that time of year when we are all beginning to think about the people on our gift-giving list, right?

Most of us know what we would like to receive, but it isn't always easy to know what the other people in our life might want.

Well ... just hold on for a moment, because for anyone who is a big fan of the coolest kicks, this is going to be an easy item to check off your list...

You can't go wrong with giving a pair of the Nike Dunk Low Pandas this year!

What is it that makes these Panda sneakers so special and most likely the one thing that no one will want to return this year?

Nike Dunk Low Pandas

The Panda Has Pretty Much Passed the Perfection Test

From the first time it was released in May of 2021, the Nike Dunk Low Black White (affectionately known as "the Panda") has been one of the most coveted styles that Nike has yet released in the Dunk Low style.

From its typical high-quality, white leather base to the beautiful black swoosh branding, this Nike Dunk Low Panda gives customers exactly what they've come to expect and love in the Dunk Low style.

Here is the Nike Dunk Low Pandas


Nike Dunk Low Pandas

The black overlay continues to wrap the toe box, heel, and collar which gives a bold but still subtle look to a shoe that can be worn just about anywhere.

The Panda is a product that is going to perform perfectly on the athletic field, while also providing the fashion sense that Dunk lovers love!

Nike Dunk Low Pandas

Ready to Shop for the Nike Dunk Low Panda? Come Check Out the Mad Kicks Site Today!

No matter what upcoming holiday you may be shopping for, Mad Kicks is going to have all your gift-giving needs covered!

Whether you need to buy an item for women, men, or kids this season, you will be able to find something to fulfill everyone on your list with our wide variety of kicks to choose from.

We have a page for almost every popular brand of kicks and - though our store is located in the fashionable city of Dubai - we can ship anywhere our customers need us to.

Check out Nike Dunk Low Retro "White Black Panda (2022)"


Nike Dunk Low Retro "White Black Panda (2022)"

Returns are also easy at Mad Kicks...but we are pretty sure that few people on your gift list this year will want to return anything you buy from our online store.

From the Nike Dunk Low Black White Panda to plenty of other popular brands, we can promise you that your money will be well spent at Mad Kicks.

December 02, 2022
A Basic That's Also a Classic - the Nike Dunk High Black and White

Sometimes a sneaker comes along that feels so simple, yet so sophisticated at the same time.

Sometimes a sneaker becomes a universal bestseller that transcends fashion trends and styles year after year.

Sometimes a sneaker comes along that is as comfortable as it is cool.

There is one sneaker out there that has turned "sometimes" into "every time" it is re-released.

And that sneaker is the Nike Dunk High Black/White.

Let's find out why.

Nike Dunk High Black and White

What's So Cool About the Nike Dunk?

Before we can truly talk about the Nike Dunk High Black/White, it's helpful to know a bit about the history of the Nike Dunk High and how it came to be the classic two tone shoe it is today.

It's been more than thirty years since the Nike Dunk was first designed.

It was 1985 and Nike was looking for a shoe that would really help the company stand out on the basketball court.

College Track

Though the Dunk High had started to have some serious success, Nike suddenly found another market for the shoe - college athletes.

And not only the athletes on college campuses, but students also began asking for a sneaker that was not just comfortable to wear around campus, but could also display their college's colors, giving young adults a way to show school pride while also feeling a part of this exciting new trend in sneaker footwear.

More than thirty years later, the Nike Dunk continues to be a favorite on college campuses, basketball courts, and lots of other locations as well!

Check out the WMNS Nike Dunk High "Panda (2021)"

WMNS Nike Dunk High "Panda (2021)"

The Dunk High Black White - a Fan Favorite Returns

No matter what new style or creative collaboration fashion brings to us, there is something about the black and white combination in clothing, accessories, and footwear that we simply can't seem to resist.

The black-and-white combination that is so coveted across so many platforms is the definition of subtle style and class for almost anyone interested in fashion.

Take the Nike Dunk High Black/White sneaker for example.

Starting with the traditional high-quality white leather base, this High Dunk gives off a retro and a modern feel at the same time.

Nike Dunk High Black/White sneakers
Its classic two tone black and white colorway feels very vintage, though the latest model of this Dunk High was just re-released in January of 2022.

The black leather overlays are seen in the trademark Nike swoosh as well as the toe box and back heel. Black laces, a creamy white midsole, and a black outsole complete this classic look.

Where Can I Buy the Nike Dunk High Black/White Sneakers?

Even though they are extremely popular, you can find the Nike Dunk High Black/White sneakers at Mad Kicks, Dubai's premier online site for sneakers and streetwear.

Since our store is solely online (and our overhead stays low), we can offer our customers the best selection and sale prices of today's trendiest sneakers and orders are simple to place.

We can also make sure that every product viewed - or order placed - is of the highest quality possible.

Any item that you order from Mad Kicks will ship within 2 to 3 business days. And - if you establish an account with us - returns will be much easier to process if needed.

Nike Dunk High SP Pure Platinum

When you are ready to check out the Nike Dunk High Black/White sneakers - or any other item that Nike - give Mad Kicks a chance to be your new place for experiencing all that the world of sneakers and streetwear has to offer!

November 25, 2022
Looking for Something New? Try the Nike Dunk Low Green!

For anyone who is a true fan of the Nike Dunk low sneaker, you've probably checked out lots of different color combinations and styles.

The Nike Dunk gives sneaker lovers so much to choose from that the options sometimes seem endless, and it can almost be a bit overwhelming when you're trying to narrow down a few of your favorites.

Well, here's a Nike Dunk low that should not be overlooked!

Check out the Nike Dunk Low Classic Green!

This super snazzy sneaker was released in June of 2021 and has had quite the following since then! Don't miss out on scoring a pair of these sneakers for yourself.

Nike Dunk Low Green

What's so Cool About the Nike Dunk Low in Classic Green?

It's an impressive feat for a sneaker that was introduced to the world almost thirty years ago to still be going so strong today.

But the Nike Dunk low isn't just any sneaker, right?

Made to perform on the basketball court, this shoe quickly became a favorite to wear in plenty of other situations as well.

Whether you are ready to participate in an athletic event - or are just dressed to watch one! - the Nike Dunk Low is often going to be the footwear of choice for millions of participants and fans.

Part of the popular appeal of this shoe is the level of comfort it provides.

Check Out the Nike Dunk Low "Chlorophyll"

Nike Dunk Low "Chlorophyll"
The low style allows for plenty of flexibility and its understated look allows it to go with just about any outfit.

Particularly popular during the fall season, the Classic Green Nike Dunk low gives just a pop of fall foliage color while still maintaining the classic white leather base and black toe color blocking that's become a bit of a trademark look for many Nike Dunk styles over the years.

And speaking of trademark looks, the Nike swoosh also takes advantage of the black leather, which looks sharp against the Classic Green that is seen on the back of the shoe, in the laces, and the slightly oversized tongue.

The Classic Green continues to play a playful role on the sole of the sneaker, giving a bit more color and fun to the overall silhouette of this latest style.

Though the release date of the Nike Dunk Low Classic Green was in June of 2021, it is expected to continue to be restocked, since the demand for this super cool sneaker continues to be seen in stores everywhere.

Nike Dunk Low Classic Green

Mad Kicks...A Place for All Your Nike Dunk Low Needs

When you're ready to check out all the latest styles of Nike Dunk Low sneakers, head on over to our page for the latest and greatest offerings out there.

We always have information on the latest release dates, and you can follow our blog for any and all fun facts about the happenings in the world of sneakers and streetwear.

Check out the Nike Dunk Low Brazil (2020)

Nike Dunk Low Brazil (2020)

Whether you are ready to buy your next pair of kicks, or just want to peruse what's out there, Mad Kicks is your way to do both.

Come check out Mad Kicks today!

November 25, 2022
A Girl's Gotta Have Style! Introducing the Air Jordan 1 Mid GS

For over 30 years now, the Air Jordan 1 has been making a name for itself on basketball courts, in skate parks, on boardwalks, and at just about any sort of activity one can imagine.

There is an iconic quality about this shoe that's hard to beat.

Air Jordan 1 Mid Pastel Black Toe (GS)

First of all, the Air Jordan 1 is functional.

From the beginning, those who design the Air Jordan 1 sneakers have understood that - no matter how cool or eclectic a shoe is - it has to be able to perform on the court, the field, or the trail as well.

Air Jordan 1 sneakers now come in three different styles...

The Air Jordan 1 low is perfect for running, walking, and everyday use. The low profile allows the wearer to have plenty of flexibility and movement in their ankle and foot, while also providing enough support for when it's necessary.

Take a look at Air Jordan 1 Mid Pastel Black Toe (GS)

Air Jordan 1 Mid Pastel Black Toe (GS)
The Air Jordan 1 mid is a great sneaker for when your activity calls for a bit more stability, but you don't want so much support that it feels constricting to your foot and/or ankle.

Then there's the Air Jordan 1 high. As the original basketball sneaker worn by Michael Jordan himself, the high is the sneaker of choice when stability is of the utmost importance, and you need your ankles to be heavily supported.

All three of these Air Jordan 1 sneakers have continued to provide high performance and functionality to those who wear them.

But the Air Jordan 1 kicks are fashionable as well!

No one can deny that part of the appeal of Air Jordan 1 kicks continues to be that - not only are they high-performance and functional sneakers - they are also just plain cool to wear and look at!

Somehow, Nike continues to focus on small details that make each new Air Jordan 1 release date even more exciting than the last.

And Nike Air Jordan 1 kicks are not just cool for the older crowd!

There's so much to love about the Air Jordan 1 Mid GS sneakers as well!

For the up-and-coming trend-setters, Nike's Air Jordan 1 sneakers keep delivering them a product that is centered around their interests and what's important to them.

Air Jordan 1 Mid GS “Paint Drip”

One stand-out Air Jordan 1 sneaker is the Air Jordan 1 Mid GS.

This Air Jordan 1 is a unique line that is being marketed to grade school girls who want a high-performance sneaker, but also wants it to look cool at the same time.

Take, for example, the super popular (and super fun!) Air Jordan 1 Mid GS “Paint Drip” kicks that had a release date of April 2021.

This shoe is amazing, in large part thanks to the unique marking techniques that Nike used on this shoe.

Take a look at  Air Jordan 1 Mid GS “Paint Drip”

First, Nike designers started with the basic white leather base, then added an arctic punch, pale vanilla, and green glow colorway to the palette.

Air Jordan 1 Mid GS “Paint Drip”

Not only does the vibrant green glow color seem to "drip" off the Nike trademark swoosh, but the arctic punch color looks like it's dripping off the heel as well.

The pale vanilla color sets off the collar as well as adds some nice texture right below the collar as well.

These shoes come in grade school sizing and will definitely liven up any young girl's spring or summer wardrobe.

With a pair of kicks like these, any girl better be set to suddenly start getting a lot of questions about where she got her fashion style and how she found such an incredibly cool pair of Air Jordan 1 Mid Kicks!

If you want to get your hands on a pair of the Air Jordan 1 Mid GS Paint Drip kicks - or any other pair of Air Jordan 1 Mid GS sneakers, come check out all the styles at Mad Kicks online store.

check out the Air Jordan 1 Mid Ice Blue (GS)

Air Jordan 1 Mid Ice Blue (GS)
We will always have the latest release dates for all of your favorite Air Jordan 1 sneakers and can set you up with the kick that will best meet your needs and fit your personality.

Whether you're looking for an Air Jordan 1 low, mid or high...let Mad Kicks help you release your inner creative side.

Visit our store today!

November 25, 2022
Looking for Something Classy? Consider the Air Jordan 1 Low White

Though fashion trends continue to change and each season inspires something new, there is no doubt that one color will never go out of style.

That's can never go wrong with white.

Nike Air Jordan 1 low
No longer just a color for summer, white is all the rage this year. From creamy whites to bright whites, this color is not as simplistic as some like to believe.

White can give us the feeling of cleanliness. It can also inspire feelings of freshness too.

Though often thought of as a "cool" color, white can also invoke the sensation of warmth, especially when it's a creamier white, or it's paired with earth tones to lend to a nice contrast.

Today, a clean, crisp white sneaker is more in style than ever before, and bright white kicks are popping up everywhere, with dresses, with leggings, and even paired with formal attire for both men and women!

air jordan 1 low white

If you're considering giving a pair of white sneakers a shot, there is no better place to start than the Air Jordan 1 Low White sneakers that have been recently restocked at select retailers worldwide.

Looking for a Pop of Fresh? Look at the Air Jordan 1 Low White!

Most Air Jordan 1 sneakers are known for their interesting color schemes, but the Air Jordan 1 Low White is going against the trademark look, but still shining just as bright.

These sneakers are referred to as the "Air Jordan 1 low triple white, thanks to the three levels of white colorway that Nike has created on this shoe.

The sneaker starts with the typical Nike white leather base, but then a white colorway is added for the heel and toe box.

Check out the interesting  Air Jordan 1 Low OG "Neutral Grey"

Air Jordan 1 Low OG "Neutral Grey"

Even the trademark Nike swoosh is detailed in white.

The only remote bit of color is the very light grey Jumpman that is seen on the tongue tag.

Light grey also shows up in the wings that are subtly stitched onto the back of the heel.

Nike Air Jordan Low 1 White

Where Can I Pick Up a Pair of Air Jordan 1 Low White Kicks?

If you think a pair of Air Jordan 1 Low White kicks should be the next addition to your collection or closet, head on over to the Mad Kicks website and check out what we have to offer.

Though the first release date of these shoes was in 2013, the Air Jordan 1 Low White has remained a classic.

If you don't find the Air Jordan 1 Low White in stock at our site, we can probably give you the details of when the next release date is going to be.

And who knows? You may even find another pair of sneakers (or two!) that you like just as much as the Air Jordan 1 Low White!

Take a look at  Air Jordan 1 Low "Vintage Stealth Grey"

Air Jordan 1 Low "Vintage Stealth Grey"

Come shop on the Mad Kicks page and see what Air Jordan 1 shoes you may discover next!

November 25, 2022
In the Spring of 2023, Nike is set to release new color combinations of this shoe, much to the delight of many fans worldwide.
November 20, 2022
Looking for Holiday Gifts? Think About the Women's Nike Dunk Low!

As the holiday season approaches for many of us around the world, we are all starting to think about items that might make the perfect gifts...

Have you considered a new pair of Nike Dunk Low Sneakers for the women on your list?

The Nike Dunk Low sneakers have stood the test of time for being a tried-and-true favorite for people everywhere.

And with so many styles to choose from, it will be hard not to find inspiration for all women on your gifts list this year.

What Makes the Nike Dunk Low Such a Perfect Sneaker?

The Nike Dunk Low has been setting records and being a fan favorite for more than three decades.

It's not just that this pair of sneakers are comfortable and made of high-quality materials.

And it's not that this pair of sneakers are perfect for athletes who need a top-performing shoe.

They are also perfect for people who just want to have a good shoe to walk through the mall, attend a social event, or make an outfit look just a bit more cool.

Take a look at WMNS Dunk Low "Valentines Day"

WMNS Dunk Low "Valentines Day"
Some of the best parts of the Nike Dunk Low are the carefully thought-out details that are part of every pair of Nike Dunk sneakers.

From the colorful overlay design on each new model, to the strategically placed location of the Nike branding on the heel tabs and tongue tags, the Nike Dunk Low sneakers have a look all their own.

That said, this shoe gives up nothing in terms of performance and durability.

Though the Nike Dunk Low is one of Nike's most fashionable brands, its superior quality is never compromised.

What Are Some of the Best Nike Dunk Low Kicks for Gifts?

Though the Nike Dunk Low comes in a ton of different colors and styles, there may be a few that really stand out as some of the best gifts for the women on your list.

One stand-out may be the Wmns Nike Dunk Low 'Rose Whisper' for some of the special women in your life.

Here is the Wmns Nike Dunk Low 'Rose Whisper'

Wmns Nike Dunk Low 'Rose Whisper'
With a two-toned combination of a base white leather and a "rose whisper" overlay, this Nike gives off a feminine quality to the Dunk low.

The performance level of this sneaker isn't any different than any of the other styles of Nike Dunks.

But the soft pink palette of this shoe gives it a unique look than many of the women on your list may really enjoy!

Where Can I Buy Nike Low Sneakers in the Styles I'm Looking For?

When it's time to get serious about your gifts list this year, come check out the Mad Kicks page for all your gift-giving options.

No matter what styles or brands of sneakers you're looking for, you can probably view all of them on our page.

And if you change your mind? Returns are easy at Mad Kicks!

Buy WMNS Nike Dunk Low "Coconut Milk"

WMNS Nike Dunk Low  "Coconut Milk"
Not only that, but we also have a page specifically for all the new releases, so you'll always see the latest drops of all the popular brands out there.

Come let Mad Kicks help you make all your gift-giving decisions easy this year!

November 19, 2022
Want It for the Holidays? The Nike Dunks Low Black and White

When you are wanting to reach for a classic, the Nike Dunk Low Black and White is never going to disappoint.

How can anyone go wrong with the Nike Dunk Low black/white color scheme?

Sure, you may have originally passed it up, thinking the low black/white style sounds slightly unimaginative... but the Nike Dunk Low Black and White has been so popular in recent years, it's hard for retailers and online stores to keep it in stock!

Let's learn why...

Nike Dunk Low Black and White

The Nike Dunk Low Black and White...What's All the Hype?

First released in March of 2021, Nike created a dunk low that kind of took the sneaker world by storm.

Also referred to as the "Panda" this sneaker's official photos came out just days before the sneaker began dropping in stores and there was such a demand that Nike had to quickly begin preparing for the next restock and shipment date.

The reasons behind this are pretty clear.

Made from a black and white two-tone color scheme, the Panda can go with just about anything...and be worn by just about anyone.

The high-quality white leather base is beautifully accentuated by the dark black overlays that are seen in the toe box, the heel and - of course - the Nike signature swoosh that is recognized worldwide.

Underfoot, a clean white base is supported by a black undersole base which completes the color-blocking look.

Panda Nike Dunk Low

Of course, no Nike sneaker would be complete without the Nike woven tongue tag and bright white Nike heel tab to finish the overall look.

Granted, over the years Nike has been known to release plenty of Dunk Low kicks that are hard to keep in stock.

But the Panda is proving to be one Dunk Low that may set records for being a pair that sell out within days of each restock date!

Can I Get a Pair of Panda Nike Dunk Low Before the Holidays?

This is one of the hottest questions of the season...

Get Your Panda Nike Dunk Low

Panda Nike Dunk Low

Will the Nike Dunk Low Panda be available to ship before the holidays?

Because of the Nike Dunk Low Black White Panda sneaker's popularity, there is no doubt that Nike will release more restock dates before the holiday season.

That said, not every retail store or online site is going to have enough to go around.

Come Check Out Mad Kicks for all Your Nike Dunk Low Needs

Check Out the WMNS Nike Dunk Low

WMNS Nike Dunk Low

As the top online sneaker and streetwear retailer in Dubai, Mad Kicks is a great place to start shopping when you don't want to miss out on the next Nike Dunk Low Black White Panda release and are set on getting a pair before the holidays.

And...if the Nike Dunk Low Panda is already out of stock by the time you visit our site, you can rest assured that Mad Kicks has access to hundreds of other styles of sneakers from which you can choose.

Our page is easy to navigate, and you'll find that our company prides itself in offering a wide variety of men, women, and kid's sneakers in a ton of styles and sizes.

November 18, 2022
Nike Air Jordan Low

We all know that the Air Jordan 1 Low is synonymous with performance that takes place on the basketball court, right?

But did you know this sneaker has also found its way onto the golf course as well?

The Air Jordan 1 Low has always been a popular sneaker for athletes. From the court to the skate park, this sneaker feels as good as it looks.

And no matter what the location, it's not going to be hard to spot this shoe shaking things up for those who appreciate the quality and design that the Air Jordan 1 Low has been giving us for over thirty years.

This shoe is designed to give a certain look and a special fit that Nike continues to be proud to offer its matter where you love to wear them!

Here is Air Jordan 1 Retro Low Golf "SHADOW"

Shop for Air Jordan 1 Retro Low Golf Air Jordan 1 Retro Low Golf "SHADOW"

How Did the Air Jordan 1 Low Craze Come to Be?

Back in 1985, Nike designed a shoe in collaboration with the then-Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan that would soon become his signature sneaker that he would soon become famous for wearing on and off the court.

At first, there was concern that Jordan would be unable to wear the Nike low sneaker, since there were certain NBA regulations surrounding what type of shoe a professional basketball player could wear during regular season play.

In fact, it is rumored that Jordan was fined $5,000 the first time he stepped foot on the basketball court in the first Air Jordan 1 red and black sneakers.

But fine or not, Jordan continued to wear the sneakers and soon, people everywhere found themselves wanting access to these shoes and clamoring to get their hands on a pair.

The popularity of the Nike Air Jordan 1 Low grew through the next decade, as skater boarders also fell in love with the low style.

Not only did the Air Jordan 1 low prove to have a perfect insole for gripping onto a skateboard, but the look also became one that was equated with skate parks as much as it was equated with basketball courts.

Now, more than thirty years later, you can still see the Air Jordan 1 low on the feet of athletes as well as anyone who is in search of a sneaker that is as comfortable as it is cool.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Low

The Rise of the Many Color Combinations and the Air Jordan 1 Low Brand

Today there are hundreds of options when it comes to color combinations and styles of the Air Jordan 1 Low.

From the Air Jordan 1 Low sneakers that stick with the retro look of the original shoes, to the updated looks like the white, black, and mint green color combination of the Air Jordan 1 Low "Tie-Dye", no one is going to have a problem finding an Air Jordan 1 Low that is sure to fit their need, their look or even their budget.

Take a look at the Air Jordan 1 Low "Tie-Dye"

Air Jordan 1 Low "Tie-Dye"

Take the Air Jordan 1 Low Golf for example.

Made to feel like you could at any minute step out onto the golf course in these kicks, the Air Jordan 1 Low Golf is a perfect performance shoe.

Made with an all-leather upper, the Golf gives its wearer a sturdy heel base that will give any golfer - new or seasoned - a confident feel when they move across the golf course grass.

If its the style of the Golf you're looking for but don't need the golf course performance, you might check out the Nike Dunks Low Black and White or the Air Jordan 1 Low Black and White.

And - in typical Air Jordan 1 fashion - they will transcend the grass on the golf course into the floors of the clubhouse just as smoothly as any other golf shoe you can think of.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Golf

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November 18, 2022