سبتمبر 09, 2022

Anyone who knows anything about fashion can confirm this...

Sneakers are no longer just for the basketball court or running track!

After years of squeezing their feet into incredibly uncomfortable footwear, women everywhere have selected to take back their comfort, while also keeping fashion as a priority.

And the Nike Dunk sneakers have been a big help in doing that.

Today, women have begun thinking about fashion in a slightly different way, putting comfort first, while also still asking for footwear that is stylish, sleek, and unique to their personality and the outfit they are choosing to pair it with.

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The Rise of the Nike Dunk Low

Since it was first introduced to us in 1985, the Nike Dunk Low has continued to grow in popularity.

Though it started out being a sports shoe, the dunk quickly began taking over college campuses, when designers and marketers introduced the "Be True to Your School" campaign.

Womans Nike Sneakers

Most Division 1 campuses across the country had a Dunk that boasted their school colors, and students as well as athletes began donning the Dunk as a way to show school pride.

Soon, Nike began making the shoe in other color schemes as well and people on and off college campuses started asking for more options to choose from.

The simplistic design and cool color-blocking options became an inspiration for fashion trends everywhere.

Within a short amount of time, the Dunk could be seen being worn just about everywhere.

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How Can I Wear My Nike Dunk Low Sneakers Today?

It's more common than ever to see a pair of Nike Dunk Low sneakers at a business lunch, a festive lawn party, or even a night out on the town.

Whether it's the subtle details of the soft leather or the interesting color patterns that can go with just about any outfit, people all over the world are not shying away from wearing a pair of Nike Dunk Low sneakers to even the most formal events.

One of the most popular models for women is the Wmns Nike Dunk Low "Next Nature White Mint" when they are reaching for a Dunk that looks classy while also being comfortable.

The sleek Nike white goes with just about anything, and the subtle mint green overlay gives just a pop of color, without being overwhelming.

Take a look at Wmns Nike Dunk Low "Next Nature White Mint"

Wmns Nike Dunk Low "Next Nature White Mint"

Where Can I Get the Latest Nike Dunk Low Kicks?

Whether you are looking for subtle sophistication or a shoe that's going to really stand out, come check out our Nike Dunks page on our online store today.

Though our online store is based in the fashion capital of Dubai, we can ship to any location worldwide. Along with Nike Dunks, we also offer Panda Dunks, Laser Orange and every other color!

At Mad Kicks, you'll have access to all the newest releases and can view what's coming next as well.

Whether you fill your online bag with one pair of Dunks or Air Jordan 1 or dozens, we're positive that you'll soon view Dunks as part of your fashion style too!

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