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When you hit on something that's a good thing for everyone, it's hard to improve it right?

And why even try?

This is how Nike feels about the fan-favorite Nike Dunk Low Pandas, a shoe that started strong and hasn't slowed down in popularity since it was rolled out in the spring of 2021.

And it's still a top seller well into 2022!

A person wearing Nike Panda Dunks

What Makes the Dunk Low Panda So Popular?

Ever since they were first created in 1985, Nike Dunk sneakers have taken the sneaker world by storm.

Originally designed for the basketball courts, Dunk Low shoes quickly became a favorite amongst skateboarders, other athletes, and across college campuses.

Today, they are seen just as frequently on city streets and sidewalks as they are on an athletic field.

But why?

Most sneaker collectors and enthusiasts will say it's because of the careful attention to detail and subtle, but significant details that the Nike designers incorporate into the Dunk Low, qualities that true shoe lovers have come to expect.

Others will say it's because the Dunk Low is made of high-quality materials that continue to be consistently used and that you know when you purchase a pair of Nike Dunk Low shoes you are going to get what you pay for.

In either case, one thing is certain.

The Dunk Low Panda is popular. And will continue to be that way.

Nike Dunk Low Panda

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Let's Start with a Classic White Base

The Nike Dunk Low Panda starts with a white leather base that gives it a classic feel.

No matter what your style, it's hard to go wrong with a clean, crisp leather as your base, right?

Next, Nike incorporates the black leather into the shoe's overlays and signature Swoosh.

The black is also seen on the toe as well as on the Nike trademark images that are stamped onto the heel and tongue.

Nike even gets creative in its details when it changes up the order of the sole, making the outer sole of the shoe black and giving another nod to the clean white on the inner sole of this signature shoe.

Back view of Nike Panda Dunk

It may be hard to understand the appeal of a simple black and white shoe, but the proof is passed on in the numbers.

Since it was first ordered in March of 2021, over 20,000 pairs of the Nike Panda have been sold in stores and at online sites worldwide! It's certainly a shoe that many of us enjoy.

Can I Get My Own Pair of Nike Dunk Pandas?

Getting your own pair of this coveted shoe won't always be easy, depending on when you want to purchase them, what store you try to order from, and whether or not any new releases have been announced.

At Mad Kicks, we can't always confirm that we will have the Panda sneaker in stock when you are ready to purchase a pair.

But our site has plenty of options if you're looking for the perfect black and white sneaker, look no further than the  Nike Dunks Low Black and White if you need an alternative for the Dunk Pandas.

But what we can promise you is this...

When you visit the Mad Kicks site, you will always get the latest information on what we have in stock and when we expect the next Nike Panda release to ship.

We will also help answer any questions you have about the Nike Panda, Air Jordan 1 or any other item on our site.

And speaking of other items - if you want the Nike Panda sneakers but can't get your hands on a pair, check out some of the other hot kicks we have on our website!

Nike Dunk Low Panda
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