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It's time to start thinking about investing in some new Air Jordan kicks, right?

Who would blame you?

With all the new styles, colors, and comfort features, anyone who loves the look that a great pair of Air Jordan sneakers can give them is going to be busting with excitement when they see what's new for this season of sneakers!

Though we carry a wide range of sneakers and streetwear, Mad Kicks is always particularly pleased to roll out some of our latest hot hitters.

And - once again - when it comes to construction and design, the always iconic and always in-style Air Jordan 1 sneakers are once again at the top of our list.

And from new suede bases to updated leather panels, there is an Air Jordan kick for everyone.

Let's check out some of the coolest Air Jordan kicks out there!

red and white air jordan

The Nike Air Jordan 1 - Always a Fan Favorite

We just can't seem to get enough of the Air Jordan, can we?

From its first introduction almost 40 years ago (that's right - 40!) the Air Jordan has been hitting everything from basketball courts to boardrooms since we first saw it in 1984.

The shoe was invented by Peter Moore, a talented and artistic designer who was working for Nike. He knew how to make high-quality sneakers, but he also wanted them to be as fun as they were functional.

When Peter Moore learned that his shoes were to be worn by non-other than then-Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan, he set to work. And what he created would continue to fill closets for years to come ...the classic Air Jordan 1.

Nike named the sneaker the Air Jordan 1, out of respect for Michael Jordan, the first man to wear them, and his incredible basketball skills.

One of the most distinctive features of the Air Jordan shoe is the silhouette of the "jumpman" which is a depiction of Michael Jordan and his infamous scoring skills.

Though Michael Jordan would eventually retire from basketball, and Peter Moore would eventually retire from Nike, the Air Jordan 1 sneakers still live on today.

Air Jordan sneakers have gone through many different releases and design changes over the years, but the basic model has always stayed the same.

And whether you prefer the retros or the latest when it comes to your Air Jordan 1 favorites, there's bound to be something for you to sink yourself into and prepare to wear out into the streets!

 Check out our collection of Air Jordan 1:

Nike Air Jordan 1
Blue Air Jordan 1

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What's the Latest and Greatest Air Jordan Sneakers on the Market Today?

Let's start by looking at two of our most popular styles of Air Jordan 1 sneakers on the Mad Kicks website.

One all-time favorite is the Air Jordan 1 Low sneakers which are as fashionable on a playing field as they are in a fashion show.

This Air Jordan 1 can truly go with almost anything, as the number of colors and designs seem to go on forever.

Take the Air Jordan 1 Low "Bred Toe" for example.

Air Jordan 1 Low "Bred Toe"

This is a sneaker that would make MJ proud to wear!

This popular Air Jordan 1 sports low-top varsity red leather panels and also combines with white panels to create a shoe that is easy to match with just about anything. Nike never disappoints when it comes to style or construction, and the black nylon tongue contrasts nicely with the rest of the red and white of this shoe.

As always, the embroidered Jumpman branding is in full view, this time embroidered in a crisp white, which looks awesome against the black, white, and varsity red of the rest of the shoes.

Another hot Air Jordan on our site right now is the classic but super cool Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Stage Haze”.

Check it out:

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Stage Haze”
Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Stage Haze”.

This Nike Air Jordan 1 High is hard to beat.

We think MJ would be proud of this one, too.

With the crisp white, jet black, and understated grey and coral color scheme, this sneaker feels almost too much like fine art to wear into the streets.

But lace up this Air Jordan, and you won't be able to resist!

This retro high also sports a nice grey rubber outsole that is designed for comfort and durability. The detailed construction of this Air Jordan 1 doesn't take anything away from the style of the shoe.

The Nike Air Jordan 1 Low "Bred Toe" and the Nike Air Jordan 1 High "Stage Haze" are only two of hundreds of styles of Air Jordan sneakers we have available at our Mad Kicks site.

And if you're interested in a more colorful shoe than the Bred Toe or Stage Haze, Air Jordan 1 Seafoam, Taxi and Lucky Green are also available!

And whether you want varsity red or university blue, we've got colors for everyone, too!

Not only that, but we also carry many other well-known brands than just Nike and Air Jordan.

Sneakers colection

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With online sneaker stores popping up everywhere, it's hard to know which web page to trust when you are purchasing a pair of high-quality sneakers.

Knowing who is legit and is going to be able to come through with their promises isn't always easy.

But here at Mad Kicks, we strive to gain customers that will come back and shop with us year after year. We believe in our products and have made sure that everything we sell is designed with you in mind.

So...whether you're looking for the latest Air Jordan 1 to slip your feet into, or are looking for something else, come check us out today. 

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